Executive Director’s Column

EEPC India Executive Director & Secretary

Since 2012, we have witnessed 7 editions of our Annual Show branded as ‘IESS’ .It has graduated from a plain exposition of ‘Indian Engineering prowess’ to a ‘meeting place’ of entrepreneurs, academicians , bureaucrats and diplomats related to ‘Engineering’.

The success and demand of any show is calibrated by the stakeholders. 5 Partner Nations, Central Ministerial Support, 10 States’ Presence; 100 Speakers, Every year over participation of over 500 Delegates from 100 Nations define the ‘importance’ of ‘IESS’ .

Leading multinationals have been successfully using the IESS exhibition as their sourcing platform. B2B meets, exclusive country and technical sessions, vendor development meets, global sourcing meets, and bilateral business forums provide ample opportunity to generate business opportunities.

What makes IESS special is that it helps those engineering SMEs who cannot participate in global sourcing events owing to scarcity of resources. IESS brings in buyers who could potentially source products from SMEs. Furthermore, this event helps local companies to establish connections with their foreign counterparts, to generate business and showcase their innovations, products and technologies. In addition, the participants, including exhibitors, get a chance to get detailed information and knowledge about specific sectors and can avail opportunities to meet and interact with the sector experts. Another major benefit is that IESS facilitates SMEs to explore local opportunities in terms of networking, collaboration and sourcing of products and technology.

This year when we celebrate the success of highest Indian Engineering Exports of USD 76.2 Billion in last fiscal, we do it in a ‘smart’ way with # Smart Engineering as the IESS VIII theme! During April – August 2018 , Indian Engineering Exports touched USD 34.81 Billion which is a 16.14 % rise on a Y-O-Y basis over the same period and this accounts for 30% of all India Exports and is indeed an achievement by the Indian Engineering Exports sector. We should use every opportunity to enhance our share in global trade from the current 1.5% of world trade and shows like IESS are the most appropriate forum!

I invite you all to be a part of this engineering show!

Mr. Suranjan Gupta, Executive Director,
EEPC India