Showcase on Innovation and Technology – IESS VIII

As per the theme ‘#Smart Engineering’, the VIII edition of IESS is hosting an exhibition on ‘Innovation and Technology’.

  • Key highlights & display in an area of over 600 sq.m. area.
  • Showcase of premier R&D Labs and Technology suppliers
  • Opportunities for technology transfer, collaboration and commercialization
List of participants at Innovation and Technology Pavilion


Sr No. Exhibitors / Booth No. Specialization Contact/Website Nature of Exhibits / List of Technologies available for Commercialization
1 Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India

H2-K05, J06
Government Funding and Financial Support Schemes for Technology Upgradation and Acquisition for Heavy Engineering, Automotive and Electrical and Power Engineering Sector etc Bharat 4.0, Common Engineering Facility Centre Projects and Samarth Udyog Scheme. Mr Sanjeev K Gupta, Under Secretary
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Various Schemes for Technology Transfer & Upgradation
2 Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science

H2-K05, J06
CPDM pursues excellence in teaching, research and industry interaction in the areas of Design and manufacturing. The two-year professional Masters MDes programme is the flagship programme of the Centre. The Centre pursues an active research programme in advanced design and manufacturing, spanning the areas of Design Theory and Methodology, PLM, Human Factors in Design, User Interface Design, Vehicle Design, Technology Integration, Sustainability and Manufacturing, with major applications in Automotive, Aerospace and Biomedical sectors. Mr Venu Allam, Program Manager
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Smart Multi Material Tracking Resource Bin – Live Product Demonstration
Smart Incoming Inspection Tool – Live Product Demonstration
3 India Design Council

The National Institute of Design (NID) offers multidisciplinary design education and research opportunities. Its design education programmes have also earned their place in the top 25 European and Asian educational programmes in the world. NID is a unique institution with design excellence, intellectual wealth, and time-tested educational culture that is instrumental in addressing social problems and concerns. The institute believes that good design is good business and that it contributes to economic prosperity and better quality of life. Mr Hrridaysh Deshpande
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4 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Technological innovation and transfer in Agriculture, Automotive, Bio-Medical, Capital Equipment/OEM, Electronic System and Design Manufacturing, Energy/Infrastructure, Environmental Engineering, ICT, Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Materials, Metallurgical Engineering, Additive Manufacturing etc Mr Ateet.P, Sr.Manager – Sales & Marketing (IP Licensing)
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Diamond Cutting Tool; Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre; P_SCOPE and DigiTFP
5 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Technological innovation and transfer in Energy & Environmental, Healthcare, ICT, Manufacturing / Chemicals, Rapid Prototyping, Aerospace, Advanced Materials, Testing, Analytical, Power Plants, Textiles machineries, Engineering Designing and Other Technologies. Dr. Arumugam V., Technical Officer, Dean (R&D) Office
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Manufacturing (IoT-4, medical device) and demonstration
6 Central Manufacturing Technology Institute

H2-K05, J06
CMTI is an R & D organization focusing its efforts mainly on harnessing know-how in the manufacturing technology sector to practical purposes and assisting technological growth in the country. CMTI has the role of being a Catalyst and a Key Player in manufacturing technology growth in the country.
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IoT enabled Additive Manufacturing System. Display of components that highlights the manufacturing capabilities of CMTI
7 Automation Industry Association

H2-K05, J06
Automation Industry Association is a national association that represents the leading manufacturers and distributors of systems, software and related services used in industrial process control and factory automation around the world. Mr Anup Wadhwa, Director
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Precision Automation for Process Control & Repeat-ability (Focus on Automation and In-line Quality Management) Productivity & Asset Utilization Solutions. (Focus on Real Time Analytics & Predictive Maintenance). Data Connectivity and Digital Effectiveness (Focus on Remote Tractability & Customer Connected Manufacturing)
8 C4i4 Labs

H2-K05, J06
C4i4 Lab is focused on creating widespread and definitive awareness of the fourth industrial revolution among the Indian companies with a special focus on the MSME/SME sector via seminars and workshops. C4i4 Lab is in the process of preparing use cases of Industry 4.0 and demonstrates the benefits to the companies in the region. It will provide access to technology and resources in order to support Industry 4.0 pilot projects in companies. Mr. Dattatraya Naulgundkar, Director
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Air Compressor model from our demo units.
Display of panels on the wall of the stall.
Video film.
9 Axcend Technologies

H2-K05, J06
Axcend meet the challenging demand by working with industrial OEMs, Automotive OEMs and similar industries to remain competitive and as a whole, handling any stage of product development life cycle with ease and proficiency. For automation original equipment manufacturers, it offers solution development services that accurately meet the needs of individual functions in the automation process. Mr Sreenivasa Reddy, Program Manager
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Precision Automation for Process Control & Repeat-ability (Focus on Automation and In-line Quality Management) Productivity & Asset Utilization Solutions. (Focus on Real Time Analytics & Predictive Maintenance). Data Connectivity and Digital Effectiveness (Focus on Remote Trace-ability & Customer Connected Manufacturing)
10 AIA-IITD Foundation for Smart Manufacturing

H2-K05, J06
IITD and AIA has set up a fully integrated Smart Manufacturing and Learning Facility for discrete and hybrid manufacturing segments such as Automotive, Consumer Durables and Processed Foods, etc. The Common Engineering Facility Centre (CEFC has established a Cyber Physical Lab for Smart Manufacturing Research at IIT-Delhi, Hauz Khas campus and a full fledged Cyber Physical Factory at IIT-D Sonepat Campus. Mr Anup Wadhwa
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Precision Automation for Process Control & Repeat-ability (Focus on Automation and In-line Quality Management) Productivity & Asset Utilization Solutions. (Focus on Real Time Analytics & Predictive Maintenance). Data Connectivity and Digital Effectiveness (Focus on Remote Trace-ability & Customer Connected Manufacturing)
11 Electrical Research Development Association

H2 -L07
An Internationally Renowned Laboratory and Center of Excellence in R&D for Electrical Industries and Utilities. It provides various services R&D, Testing, Calibration, Training and Information Dissemination to Improve Quality and reduce cost of Equipment, Materials and Services for Electrical Industries, Utilities and Users of Electricity. Mr Pranav Parikh, HOS-BD
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12 Automotive Research Association of India ARAI has been playing crucial roles assuring safe, less polluting, more efficient and reliable vehicles. It provides services and expertise in the areas of Engineering Services, Certification & Standardisation, Research & Development, Technology Development and Knowledge Initiatives. Mr Vijay Pankhawala, DD
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Scaled models of engines / vehicle subs-system
13 SIEMA-SITARC Smart Pump Project

The Multipurpose Smart Submersible Pump is the first of its kind successful project involving an alliance of Industry, R&D Academia and Government in India. The project has successfully demonstrated cutting edge Smart Pump technology, which is expected to boost India’s share in global pumps market. Mr Satheesh Kumar, Admin
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14 MSME Tool Rooms and Technology Centres

H2-J09, I10
Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India has established 18 Technology Centres (TCs) earlier known as Tool Rooms (10 Nos) and Technology Development Centres (8 Nos) spread across the country. The Technology Centres’ primary focus is to support industries particularly MSMEs in the country through: Access to advanced manufacturing technologies Skilling manpower by offering opportunities for technical skill development to the youth and Providing technical and business advisory support to MSME entrepreneurs.
Major areas of expertise includes: Designing, Manufacturing & Training on Tools & Dies, Precision and Aerospace Components, Defense Components, Testing Capabilities, 3D Printing and Hi Tech Training & Tools Engineering; other precision job work on CNC machining center, CNC EDM and Wire-cut, CNC Programming, CAD/CAM, precision machining and CNC machines; Rapid Prototyping, Precision machining and Heat Treatment, and Industry Collaboration for R&D.
Mr A B Nayak, Divisional Head, MNC
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Aerospace satellite components; Metal3-D printing components; Tools and Dies components; Sheet Metal components; Plastics components.
15 International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials ARCI works for the Development of High Performance Materials and Processes for Niche Markets.
Demonstration of Technologies at Prototype / pilot scale Transfer of Technology to Indian Industry.
The activities are pursued through 11 Research Centres, with main focus on development of nationally unique technologies and application oriented programmes. Synonymous to its name, ARCI is also open to collaborate with Indian and foreign laboratories, universities and industries for successful achievement of its goals.
Mr N Srinivas Officer C
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16 CSIR Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute The mandate of CSIR CEERI includes Excellence in scientific research in the areas of electronics and allied science and engineering, Mission-mode initiative for innovative electronics and allied technologies to foster inclusive development Technology delivery for strategic requirements and industrial needs. Motivating disruptive innovations for entrepreneurship in the area of electronics and allied engineering, Networking with other CSIR labs, industries, research and academic institutions for multi-disciplinary innovation, Academic and scientific pursuit for nurturing talent and manpower development Mr Pramod Kumar Tanwar
17 Entrepreneurship Development And Innovation Institute

EDII works to achieve following objectives: 1. Spread aspirational entrepreneurship & innovation culture in Tamil Nadu 2. Build entrepreneurial competencies of aspiring youth and entrepreneurs, including those from disadvantaged sections of society 3. Enhancement of the support ecosystem for entrepreneurs, including technology startups 4. Reduction in risk of enterprise and innovation failures 5. Embedding entrepreneurship education in the formal education system 6. Research, surveys and publications on entrepreneurship and innovation 7. Vibrant partnerships with all Government and non-Government players in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, including policy advocacy Entrepreneurship Mr Alagiri Swamy, Deputy Director
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IIT Ropar has already established itself as one of the top technological institutes in the country & has expanded its outreach to industry and the best academic institution in the world by entering into active collaborations with them. The research is a major focus of IIT Ropar which is evident from the fact that we have got the highest scientific citations per paper among all the new IITs, which is an indicator of high quality of research done here. Dr. Srikant Sekhar Padhee Head, Corporate Relations
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H2-K05, J06 / H2-P38
MAFTREE is a non-profit company and offer services to the industries and academic institutions for delivering high quality technical education and achieving progress through innovations. its key objective of strengthening the industry and academia partnerships in promoting the advancement of mechanical, aerospace and its branches of engineering. showing engineering simulation of composites testing for automotive and aerospace structures and components. Mr VijayaKumar Sahadevan
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For participation queries, contact: Mayank Krishna, email: